Shocking Tragedy 2023 Raju Panjabi : Haryanvi Music Sensation’s Untimely Demise Leaves Fans in Tears

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Shocking Tragedy Raju Panjabi

Summary :   Neighbors revealed that Raju Panjabi has two daughters. The elder one, Bindu, is enrolled in the eighth grade at a school situated in Jawahar Nagar, while the younger one is named Nobita. Balvant Plumber, Raju Panjabi’s younger sibling, occasionally joined him at late-night gatherings.

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Piliya, a renowned singer, tragically ended the life of Raju Panjabi. Upon the news of his passing, an overwhelming sense of sorrow swept across Haryana. According to neighbors, Raju had been admitted to Jindal Hospital a fortnight ago due to complications arising from Piliya. After a four-day hospitalization, he was discharged and returned home. On Monday morning, around 10 AM, he left his house with his face covered. His family transported him to the hospital by car. When questioned, they disclosed that Raju’s health had once again deteriorated, and they were taking him to Hanumangarh for further medical attention. Shockingly, Raju’s wife, Mamta, was kept in the dark about his passing until the morning of his demise. Upon learning of his passing just prior to his last rites, her grief was immeasurable.

They are blessed with two daughters, and Raju has a younger brother named Balvant Plumber. Neighbors shared that Raju Panjabi is the proud father of two daughters. The elder one, Bindu, is currently pursuing her eighth-grade education in a school located in Jawahar Nagar, while the younger one goes by the name Nobita. Raju Panjabi’s younger brother is Balvant Plumber, who would occasionally accompany Raju to late-night gatherings. Tragically, their mother had passed away after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My dear, I will recover, and I will bring you the medication…” These poignant words were spoken by my son, Raju Panjabi. It is almost surreal to process the news of his passing, which swept through our neighborhood on that fateful Monday morning. The shock of his sudden departure has left everyone, from the young to the elderly, in a state of disbelief. Kela Devi, a neighbor residing close by, shared this heart-wrenching detail. Many locals had made the journey to Rawaatsar village in Hanumangarh district, Rajasthan, to bid their final farewells.

Always Radiating Cheer: Kela Devi Kela Devi, a resident of Camry Marg Mall Colony, painted a picture of Raju Panjabi as someone who perpetually radiated cheer. Whenever he was present at home, he would amble through the neighborhood, spreading laughter and joy. He would sit with me and say, “My dear, I will recover, and I will bring you the medication…” His disposition was consistently lighthearted. Often, he would wander the streets clad in casual attire. Although his work commitments often took him away from home, whenever he was present, he made it a point to connect with everyone. His passing feels akin to losing a cherished family member.

No Trace of Ego Despite Great Fame: Ghanshyam Ghanshyam, Raju Panjabi’s neighbor, affirmed that despite his immense fame, Raju never exhibited any trace of ego. He readily engaged in conversations with anyone, and his humility never allowed his fame to overshadow his interactions. Local children often created Instagram reels with him. His authenticity always shone through.

Trending on Twitter: Raju Panjabi Throughout the day on Tuesday, Raju Panjabi was a trending topic on Twitter. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar expressed his condolences on Twitter, lamenting the untimely loss of the beloved Haryanvi singer and music producer, Raju Panjabi. He underscored that his passing represents an irreplaceable loss to the Haryanvi music industry.

Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala also voiced his sorrow over the untimely demise of Raju Panjabi, emphasizing the significant void his passing leaves in the world of art, especially considering his youth. Raju’s distinctive singing style contributed greatly to Haryanvi music’s unique identity and recognition. Additionally, numerous prominent figures, including Central Minister Rao Inderjit Singh, BJP State President OP Dhankar, former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, JJP National Secretary Digvijay Chautala, MLA Bhavya Bishnoi, former minister Kiran Choudhry, former Deputy Chief Minister Chander Mohan, and AAP leader Ashok Tanwar, paid their heartfelt tributes to Raju Panjabi.

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